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A Michigan Building Company

The Med Mar Group is uniquely positioned to provide their respective skill set to a host of various client types, either on an “Á la carte” basis or in conjunction within a unified effort. This means we stand ready to assist you at any and every step within the course of a project’s timeline. Our firm’s history is one of interacting with all of the relevant constituencies involved in both small-scale and large-scale projects alike. We take great pride in our buildings and have realized significant savings in time, money, and aggravation for our clients. With experience in initial site planning, exhaustive engineering and testing regimens, interaction with municipalities, financial sourcing, municipal planning and zoning boards, as well as the marketing of the properties we are involved with, the Med Mar Group is uniquely positioned to serve as a single source for all of your real estate development needs.

The Med Mar Group is experienced in pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management, and design/build projects. Our work encompasses every core property type from concept to completion. Whether you are considering a construction project or need assistance in the completion of a building, The Med Mar Group is equipped to handle your construction and development projects.

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Design/Build

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